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LEGO The Angry Birds Movie – Piggy Plane Attack #75822 [Review]

To the surprise of many, the Angry Birds phenomenon is not quite ready to disappear just yet. Over five years since it first appeared on mobile phones, it is now coming to the big screen. And LEGO collections.

Pieces: 168
Set Number: 75822
Minifigures: Red Bird, Pilot Pig
RRP: £19.99/$19.99

The second-cheapest of the six sets released for the upcoming movie, the Piggy Plane Attack sees Red Bird launch a rescue mission in an attempt to save eggs collected by the dastardly Pilot Pig.


The first thing you notice here is that the figures are not ones that you have to assemble yourself; these are the increasingly-regular pre-assembled figures. They are comprised of two or three moulds, already put together. Size-wise, compared to the normal minifigs, they are a little smaller, however, they are sturdy and well-made, perfect for the target age group.

From a collector’s standpoint, they are exclusive to this set, with the Red Bird being decidedly non-angry for once, instead, looking a little worried. Given the theme of the set, it makes sense and adds context to it. The printing on the front and back of Pig Pilot looks very good, giving him a scarf and goggles ready for his air trip. Both figures are well designed, matching their movie counterparts well, though the simplistic design is unlikely to appeal to older LEGO enthusiasts.


The main feature of the set, the plane, is relatively easy to put together and won’t cause any major issues when building, nor will it take a huge amount of time. From beginning to end, I found myself taking about 15 minutes to complete it, all in all, although, given the younger target audience, this will likely keep a younger LEGO fan happy for a little longer. As always, the enclosed instructions are easy to follow. Using a combination of regular LEGO bricks and Technic pieces, the plane has a red and white colour and gives off the impression of a homemade, shackled-together vehicle, which actually works in the context of the movie. On the front is a barrel, again in keeping with the rather homemade aspect, with a propeller attached.

There is a sufficient space for the Pilot Pig to be attached in front of the controls though not as much space is needed with these newer minifig models as they cannot be positioned as seated. Just above the Pig in control are a couple of flick missiles and to the sides of those are balloons, which are actually new moulds for this set. You will also find four pieces that are pre-printed with wood effects. Yes, pre-printed…no stickers here!

Separate to the plane, you also get a catapult piece that can be used for the Red Bird to catapult into the plane. It’s a nice and simple little build and yet it does look good and effective. For kids playing with this – and let’s be frank, the whole Angry Birds Movie range is clearly aimed at youngsters – the catapult will provide some entertainment. Equally, with the plane being very sturdy and well-built, it can handle some strong playing as the little ‘ens help Red try and retrieve his eggs.

The Set Overall

Looking at this set purely from the perspective of its target audience, it has a lot of appeal. It is pretty simple to build with easy instructions, looks good and offers plenty of play value. Collectors and older fans probably won’t be rushing out to buy this one, nor will they likely look favourably on the price, but once they get it home and the children get their hands on it, it becomes worth every penny.

This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.


  • Good playability value
  • Sturdy and strong build
  • Looks good overall


  • The price tag could be seen as a little high for a relatively small set
Knocking Down Those Bricks


Its cost may be queried, but this is an easy and simple build that doesn’t take too long to put together, looks good and offers enough playability to keep kids entertained. The Angry Birds theme may not appeal to many adults, but younger fans are the target and in that regard, it’s hard not to recommend.

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