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LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes – Clash of the Heroes #76044 [Review]

With the year’s first big movie release upcoming, along with it comes the first major LEGO releases on 2016. After years of fanboy discussion over who would win, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is now just mere weeks away. And to celebrate the movie’s impending release, we have three new LEGO sets based on the film.

This one, the smallest set of three, maybe lesser in size, but is more than worthwhile.

Pieces: 92
Set Number: 76044
Minifigures: Armored Batman, Superman
RRP: £11.99/$12.99

With excitement building over the upcoming movie, and interest in LEGO still as strong thanks to a superior product lineup in 2015, it is somewhat surprising that there are only three sets based on the superhero film. Nevertheless, including the two lead characters in this, the cheapest of the three sets, is a strong move to add value for money and collector value.


Undoubtedly the headline attraction of the set, both minifigures are exclusive, an immediate attraction to any potential buyers eyeing up this one. Let’s start with The Dark Knight, who appears here in the armoured form that we got our first glimpse of in the movie’s first trailer. A great new feature here is a glow-in-the-dark head, another new piece, which gives the impression of glowing eyes. A separate armour piece, which goes over the top of the torso piece and cape, looks superb and comes with attachments on the rear for a grapnel gun and Batarang. A word also for the printing on the torso and legs, which is among the best I have seen in a long time.

Superman, meanwhile, is not necessarily as superb a piece as Batman but is certainly no disappointment. Again, the printing design is superb although suffers a similar fate to Bats, with his design largely covered, this time by his cape. A quick word on that also; both characters’ capes appear to be made from a new material to that previously used. It isn’t any better or worse, but different enough that it is noticeable.

The Rooftop Model

The chosen stage for this particular superhero battle is a rooftop scene in an undetermined location, complete with famed Bat-Signal. The piece itself, though full of features which add great play value to the set, seems a little cramped. A railing at the front of the model has two bright orange antennas, which I admit I cannot figure out are doing there.

The set also comes with a Kryptonite crystal, confirming the presence of that particular anti-Supes item, following the decision to remove it from Man of Steel. It is the Bat-Signal, though, that is the clear standout feature here; the new logo looks very good, and the general print on the dish is equally excellent.

Elsewhere, the excellent Bat-Signal doubles as a flick-fire missile, while a plunger situated at the rear of the set can be used to propel a figure forward.

A set that is comprised of only 92 pieces is never going to need a huge amount of time to build, though I must confess that for a set with the price tag it has, I expected considerably more than a set that took all of about 10 minutes to put together.

The Set Overall

The quality designs, and exclusive elements, of the minifigures, add tremendous value to this set, though it is let down by the small, basic rooftop. If you find yourself only purchasing this one out of the three Dawn of Justice sets, you’ll probably find yourself happy with your buy. The great figures and substantial playability value make this, just about, a recommended purchase, though others will find the short build time – coupled with the £11.99 price tag – a tough purchase to justify.


  • Excellent minifigures
  • Great playability features for younger fans.


  • Rather basic main set piece
  • Very short build time
  • Price tag seems a little high for a small set
Ideal for minifigure collectors


A set made completely by a pair of superb minifigures, it is let down by a below-par main piece. For collectors and DC fans, the figures alone make it a certain purchase, though for non-fans who are more concerned with value for money it may not prove as appealing.

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