LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Homing Spider Droid #75077 [Review]

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Once again, we go to the Microfighters series of Star Wars LEGO, this time to take a look at a set that is unlikely to be top of anyone’s must-have list, although we all know that it is sometimes the overlooked sets that end up being the best ones.

Pieces: 102
Set Number: 75077
Minifigures: Battle Droid
RRP: £8.99/$9.99

As I have stated before, a Microfighters set always feels on the back foot from the minute you take the parts out of the box. Their title dictates that they must be micro-sized, usually around the 100-piece mark, yet still replicate vehicles or sets that have invariably had a full-size version already. For this reason alone, I have a certain level of admiration for the ‘little versions’ and am always interested in what they can do.


Not an awful lot to get excited about here, as we get a dark orange Battle Droid ready to jump into his vehicle and go looking for a fight. In its defence, it’s the Geonosian version, which sets it apart from the standard droid. And the dark orange colour scheme does give it some bonus points, as it provides a nice alternative. So if you want a change…then this IS the droid you’re looking for.

The minifig can be seated inside the Droid, though I did find it strange that there are no studs to enable you to attach the minifig. Other Microfighters set have these, so it seems peculiar why the same practice is not used here.

All in all, a decent minifigure; variety or a change from the norm is always appreciated. The Microfighters series gives LEGO a chance to include figures that wouldn’t necessarily be used in other full-scale sets.

Homing Spider Droid

The main downside I found with this set was with the build enjoyment. In a Microfighters set, you know you aren’t looking at a lengthy time for constructing, but at least there is enough variety to make it an enjoyable experience. And while building this droid isn’t exactly a chore, it does get repetitive having to put together the four legs. On the other hand, they don’t take too long and you’ll find yourself finished with them soon enough. The four legs also provide the main pose-ability of the piece, though this is really all there is, as far as posing the droid goes. For a Microfighter though, this is to be expected. And why this may not appeal to collectors, I think this set – and this applies to some of the other entrants in the Microfighters series – is perfect for kids, who can get a good amount of playability out of this.

The rounded appearance of the vehicle is achieved by using corner pieces, something which I feel actually works and looks good. As stated before, in the centre there is space for the droid to sit, just no studs to attach it to.

As is now the norm, flick missiles make another appearance, this time just the one positioned at the front.

The Set Overall

Looking over the second series of the Microfighters sets, it appears that the selections almost dictate that the pieces are purchased in pairs; this Spider Droid certainly goes well with the Republic Gunship, and the play value increases with those two side by side.

It does enough to justify it’s selection in the second series of Microfighters, by way of it’s somewhat unique minifig and a solid-looking – if build-underwhelming – vehicle.


  • Minifigure looks good, and its variety is a nice change
  • Would be a good present for young ones


  • Slightly repetitive build on the Spider Droid

This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.

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