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LEGO Star Wars – Shadow Troopers #75079 [Review]

Star Wars is a guaranteed seller for LEGO. With so much of the franchise to mine, through various movies, books and TV shows, the company will never fail to be able to produce a brick set featuring a character or ship that will anxiously be snapped up.

And this is another. It may not carry the big price tag or piece count that seem to grab the attention these days, but LEGO sets will always – and rightfully so – be properly judged on a number of factors; the build quality, the minifigures included etc, however anyone that does pass this one up, based purely on first look, is missing out.

Pieces: 95
Set Number: 75079
Minifigures: Shadow Guard (2x), Shadow Stormtrooper (x2)
RRP: £11.99/$12.99

With the Rebels and The Force Awakens sets taking the major part of the focus on Star Wars LEGO collections, many may possibly overlook the Episode I-VI collection, which is a disservice to both this set and the other ones included. This Shadow Troopers set is another battle pack, which does seem to be a popular choice among aficionados, due to their low price and simple build.


The main selling point, we get two identical sets of minifigs, all exclusive to this set. The first thing that immediately grabs you is the detailing on the torso and legs of the Shadow Troopers, with the design very precise. It is clear that some time went into the design, and it adds a huge amount of the appeal of both the figures and the set overall. The Shadow Guards don’t quite have the same visual appeal, with no printing on the back and only a basic design on the front. The helmet pieces are cool and look the part, though the figures don’t actually have a head, instead, a solid red brick is used to gain the effect. It doesn’t look bad when all in place though. The Guards come complete with lightsaber pikes that bear more than a passing resemblance to the weapons brandished by the Jedi temple guards in The Clone Wars.


As soon as you open the box and pull out the two bags of LEGO pieces, you know that the build isn’t going to be a big one, but what the speeder lacks in size, it makes up for in style. It’s a simple build that will only take around 10 minutes to put together, but it looks great and really goes well with the minifigs. The short build time also makes it a good set for younger LEGO fans and is sturdy enough to provide plenty of time for playing. There is space on the vehicle for 2 figures, while the wings can be moved up and down and the flick missile launchers add a layer of playability to the set.

The Set Overall

Another one of the small speeder battle packs that have proven popular, the Shadow Troopers set contains less than 100 pieces and will be a worthy addition to a collection. Exclusive figures and a standard-looking-but-solid vehicle will always be appreciated, and this one is no exception. It may not appeal to the casual shopper who will see it on the shelf, but any LEGO Star Wars fan and/or collector – with its attractive price – will snap this one up.


  • Minifigures exclusive to the set
  • Good-looking vehicle


  • Won’t appeal to the casual fan
A Set purely for hardcore fans


A set purely for the Star Wars fans, this one. The exclusive minifigs will appeal to collectors and are the clear highlight, but it’s unlikely to be a must-have for the casual buyer. The vehicle looks nice though, and it is a solid addition to any LEGO fan’s growing Star Wars collection.

This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.

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