LEGO Star Wars Rebels – Wookiee Gunship #75084 [Review]

With so much material to take from the various Star Wars stories, be it on screen or on pages, now and again there will be a LEGO set that focuses on a lesser-known character or vehicle. With Star Wars, you have your TIE fighters, your Falcons and your X-Wings, but when they run out, something else needs to be pushed to the forefront.

Pieces: 570
Set Number: 75084
Minifigures: Kanan Jarrus, Wullffwarro, Wookiee (x2)
RRP: £59.99/$69.99

After appearing in an episode of the Star Wars: Rebels animated series, it’s the turn of the Wookiee Gunship to get the LEGO treatment. Carrying a £60 price tag seems like a risky move for a set that is going to be unknown by people that don’t watch Rebels, however, the tradition of quality LEGO sets gives it a headstart and the chance to prove that it belongs up there with the other classic collections.

As soon as you pick up the significantly-sized box, you will notice the Rebels branding. A small thing to many, I like that LEGO has gone to the effort of making it clear the different collections within the Star Wars catalogue. Between Kylo Ren’s image on the Force Awakens sets, to this one here, it goes some way towards making it easier for collectors and general purchasers – especially those around Christmas time looking for presents – to see exactly what category of Star Wars LEGO they are picking up.


The first thing you’ll notice about the Wookiees included is that everyone’s favourite – Chewbacca – is not here. Considering he crops up in other sets, this isn’t a major surprise, but still, more casual LEGO collectors not familiar with the Rebels source material may find it strange and question why. Of course, we’re not going to do that and instead focus on the figures we do get. Leading the way is Kanan Jarrus, who those that are familiar with the Rebels show will be aware of. He is joined by Wullffwarro, a Wookiee also featured in the show. They come along with 2 other standard Wookiies.

Starting with Jarrus, this is the same minifig that came with the Ghost set, so no prizes for exclusivity there, but it’s still a good-looking fig, so repetition is no bad thing in this case. The hairpiece is pretty rare, so that adds a little something in place of the exclusivity. The printing on the torso and legs is solid and it looks the part. The same can also be said for the Wullffwarro figure, with the darker brown colour helping it stand out from the other Wookiees included and is a really effective design choice. The headpiece, unfortunately, still cannot be moved due it to be sitting over the torso, but this is only a small niggle. As for the other two Wookiees, the design and printing isn’t a far cry from the original Wookiee, Chewie himself. Makes a good omen for future sets containing Han Solo’s travelling buddy.

The Wookiee Gunship

And now we come to the main attraction, the Gunship. The first thing you will notice about the Gunship is the curved pieces that make up the large majority of the ship’s design. It is a pretty unique design that gives the set a nice look. The build is not overly complex, yet still took around 45-60 minutes or so. Whether that is enough for a £60 set is each person’s opinion, but given the build time of other sets – and some far pricier than this one – up to an hour spent on this one isn’t that bad, in my view.

Back to the set itself, it contains two separate sections designed to house both the onboard cargo and a small ship for a Wookiee. It’s a standard LEGO mini-glider, though it does, of course, come in the colours to match its parent ship. It has sufficient standing space for a Wookiee pilot, and while it is basic and a quick build, it adds to the overall set. The cargo area at the front has space only for the cargo itself; a chest containing those elusive and valuable green studs. The back is a little more spacious, allowing for the small craft to slide in and out, and possibly a Wookiee if he crouches. The front cockpit can fit a minifig sitting down, though I believe the intention is for it to be standing. If this is the case, the cockpit will not close with standing figures.

These build flaws aside, it’s the design of the gunship that really makes this set special. Coming in a tan colour that isn’t often seen in Star Wars sets – immediately making it stand out from others – and with a symmetrical shape, it is a solid design that feels secure. The two gattling guns look perfect on either side and fit in perfectly with the overall design of the gunship; there is no mistake here, this is a ship with guns aplenty. And it is that which is likely to appeal to that other market that LEGO target; kids. I guarantee that you will be searching around the room for the remnants of an intergalactic war, refilling the gattling guns for another round of fire.

If I had to be critical – and after all, isn’t that the point of a review – I would again have to make mention of the use of stickers. I know this is a broken record, and I also know things are likely not going to change, but I still cannot comprehend why it is so difficult for LEGO to make pre-printed pieces for their sets. The printing on the stickers here really add to the design, and I feel this would be even more so if we weren’t again required to apply the designs ourselves.

The Set Overall

So, that price tag? Yes, attaching a £60 value to a set that many won’t be familiar with are a gamble, but when a set is as well put-together as this, and with a good collection of minifigs, there is really no debate. The build time is good, the build quality is superb and the overall design is up there with the best I have seen. Yes, there are flaws, but when weighed up against the positives on show here, they are almost insignificant.

This would be a fine addition to any collection.


  • Very secure build and attractive design
  • Good printing design on minifigs
  • Great playability value


  • Lesser-known character material and high price likely to put people off
  • More stickers. Printed pieces can’t be that difficult
A ship worthy of Chewie


The continued use of stickers and small design flaw on the cockpit are the only downsides to what is overall another great Star Wars set. It’s price tag and lack of mainstream visibility may keep it out of the casual person’s sight, but for anyone else, this one is a must-have.

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This set was provided for review purposes. However, all reviews reflect the authors own personal views and are not influenced in any way.

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