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Review | LEGO Builder’s Journey

It’s time to put away the minifigures and the action-fuelled stories, slow down, relax, and enjoy a beautifully simple journey through a minimised world of bricked puzzles. Let me introduce you to LEGO Builder’s Journey, a game originally launched on Apple Arcade in 2019, but now available for Nintendo Switch


Review | LEGO Harry Potter – Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion Mistake 76386

On June 1st everyone’s favourite boy-wizard returned to LEGO form with a wave of new sets dedicated to celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the LEGO Harry Potter franchise in all it’s glory. With a wealth of sets ranging from single rooms through to a glorious Chamber of Secrets castle build,


Review | LEGO The Infinity Saga – Infinity Gauntlet 76191

Whether you’re a long time fan of the comics, or just a Marvel movie fan, there’s no denying that the moment that Thanos finally gained all six Infinity stones in Avengers: Infinity War was something every Marvel fan had been waiting for. To see the gauntlet in all it’s glory

Review | LEGO The Infinity Saga – Iron Man: Iron Monger Mayhem 76190

With twenty-three movies and counting, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a wealth of source material for the picking, and despite some amazing sets over the past decade inspired by the shared universe, many iconic moments have yet to be adapted. As part of a new sub-theme entitled “The Infinity Saga”,


LEGO Daily Bugle – City Integration and Lighting

It probably hasn’t escaped any LEGO Marvel fans attention that this week saw the general release of the LEGO Daily Bugle set, a 3700+ piece of modular awesomeness. Towering over every LEGO Modular that’s come before, this was a great build with an unbelieve collection of Marvel related minifigures included.


Get Ready For LEGO CON – LEGO’s First Ever Live Event

Billed as the ultimate online experience for LEGO fans everywhere, the LEGO Group has today announced its inaugural LEGO CON and invites fans of all ages to join the fun! This two-hour action-packed LIVE event will let kids and families discover the coolest new things going on in the LEGO


Review | LEGO Friends – The Apartments 10292

Just a few weeks ago, fans of 90’s sit-com Friends let out a unified exclamation of glee, as three words flooded social media, OH MY GAWD! Not only was the long-awaited reunion episode officially revealed with the teasiest of teasers, but everyone’s favourite toy company announced an extra special treat


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